What do these terms mean?

fade in / out
jump cut
split screen

You will almost never see a jump cut in a Hollywood movie or on TV, but they are incredibly popular with vloggers and YouTubers. The jump cut makes a static, single camera video seem more dynamic and energetic. It is also much easier to record your script line by line.

A montage conveys a lot of information in a very short time. The film maker can show character development by juxtoposing short clips over an appropriate musical bed. One classic trope is the training montage, in which you see a loser work hard to become a winner.

Computer Software

The most commonly used (and probably the easiest to use) are iMovie (Apple) and Windows Movie Maker (Microsoft).

Online Applications

WeVideo is connected to Google Drive and allows you to collaborate on projects and share your finished video with others. You have to pay for extra features, but the free version is enough for us.

Everyone loves YouTube, but did you know that it has a simple editing suite? It’s quite basic, but very easy to use and completely free!

Smartphone Apps

iMovie also has a smartphone version. It is excellent, but not free.

Splice is super simple, and Clips has a great interface.

YouTube Capture lets you edit together a movie and upload it straight to YouTube for free. Vimeo is a classier version of YouTube, and they also have a great free editing application called Cameo

I also found a couple of fun applications for effects. Vimo allows you to add animations to your movies – two per movie are free but you have to pay for more. With Cinefy, you can insert monsters, helicopters and other CG effects to your videos. You can make your own pop videos with Video Star.

An Introduction to Darren Elliott from darren elliott on Vimeo.

I made this movie in about five minutes, using an iPhone 6 with splice and vimo.

If you find any more interesting apps, please tell us about them in the comment section.


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