using your camera



A video camera is not what it used to be. We will probably be using our smartphones to make movies (which I am sure many of you have already done), or perhaps small handheld video cameras or digital cameras with a video function. The quality doesn’t have to be brilliant (although it is improving). However, a few simple tips will help you get the most out of the device in your pocket.


1. Turn it sideways! Don’t hold your phone straight up in ‘portrait mode’. Hold it horizontally in ‘landscape’.

2. Use the exposure and focus functions. On most phones, touching the screen in the right place will help your phone focus on the thing you want to focus on.

3. Don’t use digital zoom. This often makes the picture look pixelated and unclear. If you want to be closer to the subject, you have to move yourself!

All Cameras

1.   Hold your camera steady. Tuck your elbows into your body, or lean against a tree or a wall.

2.   Shoot with the light behind you. If the light is behind your subject, they will be in shadow.

3.   Think about the sound. Large rooms will sound hollow and have an echo. Outside, the wind may carry away voices.

4.   Shoot more than you need. You can cut it down later.

5.   Make sure you have enough memory and a full battery.


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