remake / adaptation

A remake is a new version of an old movie. An adaptation is the film version of a book or other non-cinematic source. Many modern films are remakes or adaptations of older source material – from books, tv shows, comic books or even older films. A remake or adaptation should follow the storyline or plot of the source material, although other elements (location, characters, time) can be changed.

Classic novels and plays are very popular and have often been adapted for the screen. Jane Austen’s 1815 novel ‘Emma’ has been adapted for the screen many times. This version, from 1996, plays as a period drama.

This creative version from 1995 transplants Emma to 1990’s Beverly Hills.

Many modern comic book movies are not, strictly speaking, remakes or adaptations. Although they take the characters from the comic book source material, the stories are often new.

Homework – Week One

Find a movie adaptation of a classic story, or a remake of a classic film, and be prepared to introduce it to your classmates. Show the trailer, and answer these questions.

How does it differ from the source material?
Why do you think the filmmakers made those decisions?

Sweded Movies

In Michel Gondry’s 2008 movie, Be Kind, Rewind, the two main characters accidentally wipe every video cassette in a video rental store. They decide to remake them all on their own, and they call the finished products ‘sweded’ movies.

Dumb Drum has an excellent YouTube channel full of great examples.

How would you swede a movie?

Homework – Week Two

Plan your adaptation of a classic story or your remake of a classic movie. You can play it straight, or swede it. You can pick the highlights of the story, make a trailer, or choose one scene. It’s up to you!

What is your source material?
Do you want to make one scene, highlights from the whole story, or a trailer?
What props do you need to find or make?
What costumes do you need to find or make?
What locations will you use?
What sound effects or background music do you need?
How will you edit the movie?

The final movie must be delivered to me by October 23rd.


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