Commentary Tracks

DVD and Blu-Ray offer something beyond the possibility of the VHS cassette. The increased versatility and storage space means that the viewer can switch between alternative subtitle and audio tracks. For the movie fan, the directors commentary can provide interesting insights into the film making process.

Play around with one of the DVD’s provided by your teacher.

What alternative audio tracks can you find?
Who speaks on the commentary track?
What do they talk about?

For this project, you will make a commentary track of your own.

1. Find a movie. The movies at the links below are all public domain movies. This means they are available for free, and can be edited.
2. Watch and research the movie.
3. Decide who you are. You may be one of the actors, the director, or even a critic.
4. Record a commentary track for a short section of the movie (five minutes or so)

Public Domain Movies

Public Domain Movies on YouTube

Internet Movie Archive


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