Interviews are formalised conversations between two or more people, in which one is trying to get information from the other. Some interviews are relaxed and casual, whilst others can be combative.

Television interviews take several forms – the interview with an expert to get more depth on a news story, political interviews, interviews with athletes directly after after sports events, or ‘chat show’ interviews with celebrities.

Kinds of interviews which take place in real life are also represented in cinema. These include police interviews, job interviews, university entrance interviews and market research interviews.

What kind of interviews are these? Can you find other good examples? What particular characteristics do certain interview genres share?

For your final assessment, you will record an interview with another member of the class. You can record the interview in any style you choose, but the topic is this class. Submit your list of possible questions to the teacher by the beginning of class on January 8th. The interview recording should be submitted to the teacher by the end of class on January 8th.


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