movie review

The movie review has become an extremely popular YouTube genre. YouTube loves pop culture, and intellectualising pop culture, and you can find a review of just about any movie from just about any angle. Here are four reviews for the recent movie ‘Cinderella’. Each one is around five minutes long. Watch one and make notes on the following. The reviewer may not mention all of this, and the order may be different.

1. The reviewers expectations before watching the movie.
2. The plot synopsis (spoilers?).
3. The anticipated audience.
4. The message of the movie.
5. The good points of the movie.
6. The bad points of the movie.
7. The final grade.
8. The visual style of the review video (editing / lighting / setting).

For homework, choose a movie with your partners and watch it. Make notes and next week we will compare.

Now you have finished your movie review, please complete this feedback.


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