news report

Like any other genre, news reporting has its common stylistic devices, motifs and modes of discourse. We only have to watch a couple of reports to start fitting the jigsaw together. This visual language is so well established that it is ripe for parody.

The presenter mentions a number of commonly used tropes. What do these mean?

establishing shot
human interest
hand gesture
animated chart
vox pop
filler shot
the reporter poses a question

You will watch one of these videos, and your partner will watch another. Please describe what you saw. Were any of the tropes from the parody present in the video you watched?

What images do you see on the screen?
How do the images and the audio match?
What ‘roles’ were represented?
How were statistics conveyed?

For this project, you will work in a group to make a short news report. Decide on a topic, create a script, decide the shot order and start filming!

News Report Planning


After finishing your news report, please complete this feedback form.


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