This project will involve several smaller tasks related to subtitling and dubbing. First, consider these questions.

Do you prefer to watch foreign language films dubbed or with subtitles? Why?

What audio and subtitle options do you usually select? Does it depend on the original language?

Have you ever noticed a mismatch between the audio and subtitling?

Why do you think Japanese TV uses so much テロップ (on-screen text)?

What is a meme? Do you know any populars memes or virals?

For our first task, we are going to subtitle two clips in English. One is in German, the other in Spanish. Watch them without subtitles and try to imagine what they are talking about. After you watch, you can read about the true story at the links below and explain it to your partner.

Downfall Meme

Spanish Laughing Guy Meme

Now, with a partner you should choose your video and plan your subtitles. There are a number of ways to add subtitles, but YouTube or WeVideo are probably the easiest. Here are the raw files without subtitles.

Please deliver your completed video to me by the end of the next class (November 27th). Don’t forget to tell me who worked on the subtitles. If you upload the video to YouTube, please remember to set it as ‘unlisted’, not private or public.

Ethically speaking, this constitutes ‘fair use‘ of the clips for education and parody. However, in order to respect the makers of the original movie I would like you to remove your edit once I have seen it.


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